Orangetheory Fitness Trainers Burn for YOU

The trainers at Orangetheory Fitness in Marlborough, MA, are motivated by your success. Trainers across OTF Nation share what they burn for.

You’ve heard us tell you to keep burning—and you’re crushing it with those Splat stats! We’ve asked you what you burn for, and you’ve shared memes from that show your inspiration to go all out—everything from Taco Tuesdays and Winesdays to improved running time, weight loss, and being there for your family. All of these things serve as the fuel that keeps the trainers and the rest of us here at Orangetheory Fitness Marlborough burning strong. We burn for YOU.

Across OTF Nation, trainers have been speaking up about what they burn for—and why they love being part of Orangetheory Fitness. Check out these videos to see what they said.

Do you burn to be a better person? Bri Rogers does. She’s the head trainer at Orangetheory Fitness Montgomery Plaza Fort Worth. She loves challenging the members at her studio to reach their goals every single day. She loves the challenge, too, and enjoys when they try to beat her at her own moves during the workout. Orangetheory members inspire her to learn more and become an expert in everything related to health and fitness.

Coach Amy at Orangetheory Fitness Preston Frankford shares an important message about health and fitness: She burns for seeing members’ progress, which often includes incredible weight loss but is about so much more than that—like getting to watch someone’s first plank ever or seeing their performance continuously improve. Amy loves building relationships with members, discovering their capabilities, and helping them change their lives.

Orangetheory Fitness Waco Coach Rachel Kent burns for her family and strives to set a positive example by living a healthy lifestyle. Her passion for Orangetheory Fitness comes from its uplifting atmosphere full of motivation—along with her ability to inspire members through her coaching. She finds fulfillment in helping members reach their goals every day as they continue to grow emotionally and physically throughout their fitness journeys.

Does the awesome music in your Orangetheory sessions keep you burning at your Push and All Out pace? Chuk, a coach at Orangetheory Fitness Addison, loves to see members’ heads nodding to the beats he plays in his classes. The impact he has by leading great workouts keeps him proud to be part of Orangetheory Nation.

Kelsey, a trainer at Orangetheory Fitness Tigard, knows that all members have their own goals—just like she has her own goals! She burns to help members achieve their aspirations. One of her personal goals is one that’s echoed by members across OTF Nation: wanting to take care of her kids and make sure they lead healthy lifestyles.

Coach Terri Devore from Orangetheory Fitness Waco is passionate about helping members see their fitness journeys as more than just a fight against inches and weight—that fitness affects every part of their lives, from mood and stress to brain power, and helps them become a better version of themselves. She recognizes her Orangetheory studio as a family that supports one another with friendship and accountability, where they’re serious about getting results and have fun along the way.

Nancy, Head Trainer at Orangetheory Fitness Princeton, burns for members’ progress. From increased “Push” and “All Out” paces on the treadmills to members choosing heaver weights, she loves contributing to their performance improvements. And when it comes to her own fitness goals, Nancy burns for a sexy back!

Like the rest of us, Dana O’Neal, Head Trainer at Orangetheory Fitness Coppell, loves being in the studio! She burns for giving members the best 60 minutes of their day. She thrives on being able to make changes in members’ lives, from their fitness to their overall health.

Kiersten Schwinn, Head Coach of Orangetheory Waco, shares how her family’s health has motivated her to fight every step of the way to be the best version of herself. Kiersten enjoys the way Orangetheory unites people from all different backgrounds, who all have their own goals, to come in together for an hour and work toward better versions of themselves. The reward she finds in being able to give members an hour of me time is immeasurable. While members often thank her for changing their lives, she also must thank them for changing hers.

We love our Orangetheory Fitness trainers here in Marlborough—and we know how much you do, too! Give your favorite trainer a shout-out when you leave a review on our Facebook page. Your success, passion, and motivation keep them burning to give you the best one-hour workout in the country!